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[aspectj-dev] AJDT development build with AspectJ 5 M2 and support for Eclipse 3.1M6

Someone is bound to ask when an AJDT build containing AspectJ 5 M2 will be 
available, so here is the answer :)

AJDT development build is now available, 
incorporating AspectJ 5 M2, and it is also the first AJDT build to support 
the new Eclipse 3.1M6 release. A version of this build is also available 
for Eclipse 3.0, although features requiring Java 5 are not available in 
that environment.

Please note that this is a development build, not a milestone release. 
We're expecting to release AJDT 1.2.0 M3 next week, after completing our 
testing. Please raise bugs if you find any problems.

The build is available as a zip file, or via an update site. See the 
download page for more details:


Please make sure you select the appropriate version to match your version 
of Eclipse.



Matt Chapman, mchapman@xxxxxxxxxx
AJDT Development, http://www.eclipse.org/ajdt