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Re: [aspectj-dev] Trying to capture a method on a nested class

Hugh McBride wrote:

To all

I have a series of classes i.e CookieObject, RaisinObject, FlourObject,
ButterObject etc that are contained in another class called CookieRecipe and
are set like so

public class CookieRecipeLoader
CookieRecipe.getCookie().setValue(new CookieObject());
CookieRecipe.getRaisin().setValue(new RaisinObject());
CookieRecipe.getFlour().setValue(new FlourObject());


I am trying to generate a error when the setValue is called on any
Of the getters i.e. getCookie(), getRaisin() etc

Um, your semantics are incorrect - you are not invoking the setValue method on any of the getter methods, rather, you are invoking the setValue method on the /return value/ from the getter methods.

That is, your statements above are semantically equivelant to:
Cookie c = CookieRecipe.getCookie();
c.setValue(new CookieObject());

Have tried the code below

declare error: call((* CookieRecipe.get*.setValue(..) ) &&
!within(CookieRecipeLoader)): "Illegal to add Ingredient outside cookie";

It seems that I cant get past the getters, does anyone know the right syntax

To use , or can it be done at all

Hugh McBride

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