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[aspectj-dev] Still the dummy variables...



A couple of days a go I posted a message asking if the introduction of dummy variables on AJDT was ever considered.


Mr. Wes Isberg kindly answered the message mentioning that currently it was not on the plans. He also kindly proposed a small idiom, using JAVA this keyword, to achieve the same sort of goals.


I tried to use it but I found Xlint complaining about it. Below I present a little code snippet that serves the purpose of recreate the Xlint warning I got.



File: Test.java


public class Test {


    private int i = 0;


    public void f(){


        this.i = 1;




    public static void main(String[] args) {


        Test t = new Test();






File: CaptureThis.aj


import static java.lang.System.out;


public aspect CaptureThis {


        before() : set(* this.*) {


            out.println("Found this.set!");




        before() : set(* *.*) {


            out.println("Found set!");









If you care to compile this in AJDT you?ll get the following output:


Found set!

Found set!


Correspondig to the second pointcut. Thus, the first one is ignored. Also, on the ?Problems? window you should get:


no match for this type name: this [Xlint:invalidAbsoluteTypeName]        


I?m using the latest Eclipse and AJDT builds.


Anyone can help me with this, please?


Kind regards,


Rodrigo Gonçalves



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