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[aspectj-dev] Dummy variables on AspectJ


I have already posted this message on aspectj-users forum but it didn't seem to be quite the right place. So I appologize for the mistake and here it is again:

There seem to be a few cases in which the use of bound pattern variables in the definition of pointcuts would be useful.  For instance, if one wants to capture all atribute sets within methods with a certain annotation, but with the restriction that the method and attribute belong to the same class.  Something like:

pointcut setsWithinAnnotatedMethod() [TypePattern class_name: *] : withincode(@Annotation* class_name.*(..)) && set(* class_name.*);

Has this ever been considered?  Do you think it would be a useful feature to have in the pointcut quantification mechanism?

Thanks a lot and best wishes

Rodrigo Gonçalves

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