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[aspectj-dev] Perobject (mini?)-bof at aosd?

Hi folks,

Eric Bodden emailed me to express interest in discussing per* aspects at AOSD. (See our earlier emails on this topic to the users' list for background.)

I was wondering if you will be attending the AOSD conference and if
so if you would probably like to have another chat about perobject
association and in particular about association aspects and what are
its pro's and con's.

Fact is that for my current project I need to have some
implementation that is at least similar to what association aspects
do. And since I am using the abc compiler for my implementation it
would make sense to do things right in the first place, so that
people can probably reuse it lateron - at least for the purpose of
research if not in a productive environment as with ajc.

I'm planning to get together with him so l thought I'd invite anyone who was interested on this list to join us. I'm particularly interested in the contributions of compiler developers and/or skeptics (Wes) who might shed light on why the current implementation is superior to our proposals. We were thinking of some time on Monday (afternoon or evening) so as to avoid conflicting with the broader BOFs on Tuesday and Wednesday...

(apologies for the terseness of this email, I'm typing with a broken wrist)

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