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Re: [aspectj-dev] Providing patches etc

Andrew Clement wrote:

Hi Kev,

We are more than happy to have people work with us on AspectJ and contribute


You are right about the format for patches and they must be attached
to relevant bugzilla reports. I think most bugs are currently
owned by myself, Adrian or Mik - but that is simply because we haven't
got a general ID against which can own them (we ought to set that up...) -
but if they haven't been accepted by the developer, that effectively
means they aren't being worked on.

Ok, so looking at the bugzilla list, practically everything is being worked on!

Patches usually have to address an existing bug testcase or come with a
new test.  We use a couple of harnesses in AspectJ but basically
everything runs as a variant of JUnit now.  We have a very basic
'unit/functional' tests but nowadays most new tests are
practically system-tests since they all invoke the compiler against
some source and run the result - look at something like
Ajc150TestsNoHarness.java which shows how we use our ajcTestCase()

Ok I'll have a look

Also, we won't put anything into the codebase unless it passes the
RunTheseBeforeYouCommitTests in the run-all-junit-tests project - this
executes all ~1450 tests currently written for AspectJ. The build
machine will later run these on Java1.3 and Java1.4 (and shortly Java1.5).

Is there a particular area you want to look at - I could send a bug or
two your way if you like? theres more than enough to go round :)

As I'm new to the code, I'd like to do what I did when I first started with Ant. Namely to look at the source and just tidy up the code (add javadoc comments, run PMD against it and slightly refactor). Are there any style guidelines for submitted code? I noticed some "_variables" kicking around, these are removed whenever they're found in the Ant code, does this seem valuable to you guys or not?

Any bugs you wnat to hand out I'll have a look at, but as I say I'm only just starting to look at the code now, so don't expect a fix any time soon!

Also I'll be doing my work on WindowsXP Java5 (1.5.0.b64) and MacOSX Java 1.4.2 (if I can get the source tree downloaded at home...)

Just out of interest, how many developers are working on AspectJ? I know the AspectWorkz team are being brought into the fold, but what's the rough number?