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[aspectj-dev] ajdoc update

I just committed the updates to ajdoc needed for 1.2.  In a nutshell it's
moved forward a ways from the previous ajdoc:
- AJDT integration works
- generates documentation for all the AspectJ modules
- works on 1.3 and 1.4
- comments and Javadoc tags are properly preserved and resolved
Note that the hope is still for "declare" documentation to come in the form
of a contribution.  

Getting it to work for our tree involved a bunch of bug fixes to deal with
things like anonymous types.  To run from our tree in bootstrap mode use
something like the attached batch script.  To run from AJDT point Eclipse at
this command under the "Project -> Generate Javadoc" menu.  End users will
be able to point at the "<aj-install-dir>/bin/ajdoc.bat".

I had to roll back some of Andy's fix to broken links: getRelativeComponent
didn't work properly for internal anchor links (..html#<mumble>).  Andy,
could you check this against the current thing against whatever was breaking
for you, and ideally add that code patter to CoverageTestCase?

I added -XjavadocsInModel to make the addition of Javadoc strings to the ASM
only happen when request it (prevent bloat of the model with strings.  The
running time of ajdoc is now dominated by the compilation time.

I had to make a change to a test case that I'm not quite comfortable with.
AsmBuilderTest.testNullHandlingOfVisit() now checks for an NPE instead of an
EmptyStackException.  I'm not sure how the original could have worked in the
absence of the handle cache.



@echo off
"%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java" -classpath "C:\Dev\workspace-aspectj\ajdoc\bin;C:\Dev\workspace-aspectj\asm\bin;C:\Dev\workspace-aspectj\bridge\bin;C:\Dev\workspace-aspectj\weaver\bin;C:\Dev\workspace-aspectj\util\bin;C:\Dev\workspace-aspectj\org.eclipse.jdt.core\jdtcore-for-aspectj.jar;C:\Dev\workspace-aspectj\lib\bcel\bcel.jar;C:\Dev\workspace-aspectj\org.aspectj.ajdt.core\bin;C:\Dev\workspace-aspectj\aj-build\dist\tools\lib\aspectjrt.jar;%CLASSPATH%" -Xmx64M org.aspectj.tools.ajdoc.Main %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9