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Re: [aspectj-dev] Re: [Bug 55107] add removeLibraryAspect method to weaver

>That sounds like a great thing. Would that be possible with the current
>weaver implementation or do you need to reimplement parts of that
>because of the BCEL dependencies?

>BTW: I am currently using a specialized version of BcelWorld which
>enhances the "lookupJavaClass" method. My implementation first calls the
>super class and then tries to load the bytecode of the class via
>getResource using the class loader. Using this mechamism I do not need
>to set the complete classpath to my BcelWorld (which would be quite
>complicated using the Eclipse 3.0 runtime model). What do you think
>about an interface for this class lookup?
You are in the right ball park. An idea that I discussed briefly with Jim
was to create an implementation of ConcreteName that relies on information
from Java reflection. This will cut down on footprint, be quicker that
re-parsing byte-code and guarantee the correct type. However your approach
is an excellent first step. Can you send me a code snippet and I will try
to add it to 31460.


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