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[aspectj-dev] Bug? with accessing thisJoinPoint in around advice using AspectJ 1.1.1

Hi Developer List !

I have come across a strange feature with around advice. If I access the thisJoinPoint as the first line in my advice, attempting to get it's signature using the getSignature() call, an exception is thrown (something to do with a class change exception ? I can get the output if this is not a known issue - tricky at the moment as I'm at college and can't hook up my laptop to their network).

However, if I assign thisJoinPoint to something first, say to an object such as:

Object temp = thisJoinPoint;

Then the call to thisJoinPoint.getSignature() works fine after that. But not as the first line in the advice, which seems odd. Anyone had anything like this in the past ? I can supply more information including coe samples, outputs, etc once I get back to my own network if this is an unkown problem. As  a matter of interest, I am using Mac OS X 10.3 using JDK 1.4.1, does this have any impact ? I am unable to try this out on anything else unfortunately.

Cheers for any guidance on this, currently I am simply setting up a temporary reference as per the above example to get around the problem, but this is ugly.

Russ Miles