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RE: [aspectj-dev] Binary Weaving: Class-Path JAR Manifest Attribute

Hi Matthew,

Although I haven't encountered need for this, it could be a good idea.
Setting up injar dependencies this way makes sense to me on the command
line, but I have questions about how it will look for AJDT projects.  For
example, if the injar specifies additional classes that end up getting
advised by aspects in your project, the project won't know about them (since
you declared the dependency in the injar manifest and not in the project
properties).  So should this be targeted at the command-line only, or do you
have an idea of how it should work within Eclipse?  Could you put together a
use case along with the desired behavior and report it as an enhancement?

I'm happy to help if you want to submit this as a patch.  On the surface it
seems that when multiple injars are present the entries should be
concatenated into the "Class-Path" attribute for the outjar.  Also,
depending on how you want the dependencies to work, the injar might require
the classes from "Class-Path" in order to compile.  If that's the case those
paths to AjBuildConfig will be straightforward.  


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> Subject: [aspectj-dev] Binary Weaving: Class-Path JAR Manifest Attribute
> I think we should use the "Class-Path" attribute, if present, to augment
> the classpath when binary weaving according to this specification:
> "http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/docs/guide/extensions/spec.html";. It is a
> list of additional JARs needed to run the application given as a set of
> relative URLs.
> Doing this would also require a change to the current resource copying
> behaviour. We would need to copy the manifest from the injar to the outjar
> but I not sure how to deal with multiple injars. Any thoughts?
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