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[aspectj-dev] -inpath ??


As some of you know, I am looking at this feature.  The idea
is that we want to remove the requirement that users package
up class files into a jar in order to do binary weaving.
(Today, once they are packaged they are passed in on
 the -injars parameter)

I just prototyped the support for allowing directories to be
passed in, in addition to jars.  This means the compiler
will weave into any class files it finds in the directory
tree specified.  

I just can't decide on the externals and am after
some opinions.

My prototype extended -injars so that it allowed directories
as well as zips/jars - so in fact -injars supports something
like the classpath format now "a.zip;c:\mydir;b.jar".  It
runs like this:

ajc -injars c:\MyEclipseJavaProjectBinDir TracingAspect.java

Now, if only it was -inpath ...

So these are the options I see:
- Add a brand new -inpath option that supercedes -injars
- Rename -injars to -inpath
- Just leave it as prototyped where -injars has a 'looser'
  (misleading!) meaning.

I'm worried about the impact on:
- migration of stuff already out there using the old option.
- documentation of the option
- amount of extra work I have to do !!! :)

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