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RE: [aspectj-dev] RE: Please help us undertake final QA on the As pectJ 1.1.1 releas e...

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I got it working I had to delete a bunch of stuff, but it now works thanks for the quick fix!


Ron DiFrango

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From: DiFrango, Ron
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Subject: RE: [aspectj-dev] RE: Please help us undertake final QA on the AspectJ 1.1.1 releas e...
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I am still seeing errors.  I deleted the directories and "re-installed" it disabled the "Select this build config" menu option.  Once again I have attached the .log file.  Is there some temp directory within Eclipse that I also need to remove????


Ron DiFrango


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From: Adrian Colyer [mailto:adrian_colyer@xxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Re: [aspectj-dev] RE: Please help us undertake final QA on the AspectJ 1.1.1 releas e...

This was a genuine bug in AJDT - the new smarts to try and assist in auto-configuring were kicking in a little too early (there's a race condition that didn't trigger on my test machine). The fix was trivial and I've uploaded a new version. Sorry for the inconvenience, A.

-- Adrian

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12/09/2003 13:36
Please respond to aspectj-dev

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        Subject:        [aspectj-dev] RE: Please help us undertake final QA on the AspectJ 1.1.1 releas e...

I  tried downloading the AJDT Eclipse plug-in from the site and I had errors within  Eclipse.  I have attached the log file for your reading pleasure.  I  tried this both ways, one was to perform just the update and the other way was  to go to the command line and delete AJDT folders.


Ron DiFrango
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Subject:  Please help us undertake final QA on the AspectJ 1.1.1  release...

AspectJ 1.1.1  is almost upon us, in fact we've built it and it's available for download.  Before we make the public announcement though, we'd really appreciate it if  you are able to spare some time to download the release drivers and test them  out on your projects. It's very important to us that we put out high quality  releases, and your testing and feedback is a valuable part of that.  Your  names were chosen simply as people representative of those working with  AspectJ on larger projects, or who are waiting on bugs fixed in this release.  

The compiler and ant-tasks  distribution is available from :  http://download.eclipse.org/technology/ajdt/aspectj-1.1.1.jar.  

A companion AJDT release is available  through the AJDT developer update site (see the instructions for live-updating  on  the AJDT download page linked from http://www.eclipse.org/ajdt). The  AJDT developer update site URL is:  http://download.eclipse.org/technology/ajdt/dev/update

If you do encounter any difficulties with these  drivers, any problems can be reported through the normal channels (bugzilla  and/or aspectj-dev for discussion).

Many thanks in advance for any time you can spare to help us with this  release,
Adrian (on behalf of The  AspectJ Team).

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