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[aspectj-dev] draft JBuilder & NetBeans 1.1.1 release announcement

Let me know what you think of this as the announce message for JBuilder and
NetBeans.  I wonder if Emacs should be added to the list.  But it may need
some attention before it can be released, and I'm not sure if we want to
slow 1.1.1 down.  

Wes, I'm having trouble with permissions to see Emacs stats.  Do you know
what the download number are?

Subject: AspectJ support for JBuilder & NetBeans 1.1.1 are now available

The AspectJ JBuilder OpenTool and NetBeans Module have been updated to
support AspectJ 1.1.1, JBuilder 9, and NetBeans 3.5.  Numerous bugs have
also been fixed, and most notably Vaughn Spurlin contributed a patch for
NetBeans 3.5 support.  Download the releases at:

JBuilder: http://aspectj4jbuildr.sourceforge.net/
NetBeans: http://aspectj4netbean.sourceforge.net/

In order to evolve and improve further the JBuilder and NetBeans support we
need developers.  I will continue to maintain them at the current level of
support.  But my cycles will be focused on the core AspectJ tools framework.
Without community contribution as the tools framework and IDEs improve the
JBuilder and NetBeans support will lag.  The Eclipse support has been
continuing to improve due to considerable open source contribution.  I hope
that interested JBuilder and NetBeans developers are willing to do the same
for their platforms, and will help get those who interested in contributing
up-to-speed on the implementation.

We forward to hearing from you,

The AspectJ Team

Is it too weird to sign "AspectJ Team" on this one?  I'm switching voices
but not sure if I want to sign "Mik".