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[aspectj-dev] removed asm path canonicalization

I removed the need for the ASM to canonicalize paths.  This was needed in
order to deal with ".." paths that came from ".lst" files.  I fixed it by
making the canonicalization happen in AJDT's subclass of
org.aspectj.util.ConfigParser.  So now it only happens once for every
relative file specified in the ".lst" file.  I did some quick testing with
ajbrowser but didn't have time to test the other IDEs and AJDT.  I plan on
doing that tomorrow.  If anyone has a chance to test AJDT let me know.

So perhaps we should remove the canonical path cache?  I haven't done that

I also added a unit test that called ModelPerformanceTest that checks
whether builds that generate a model are within an acceptable performance
threshold (130% for now, but that should be tuned with some profiling since
on the systems I was checking they're only marginally slower).