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Re: [aspectj-dev] java.lang.VerifyError

Hi Wes,

> Would you try with:
> - ajc 1.1.1rc1
>    http://download.eclipse.org/technology/ajdt/aspectj-1.1.1rc1.jar

I tried it with ajc1.1.1rc1 and I still get errors, but luckily these are
now errors with the ajc compiler itself, instead of the binaries it

> - use -XnoInline flag

I tried the flag with ajc1.1 and ajc1.1.1rc1. It seems to have no effect
wrt my problem.

> - don't use -XnoWeave flag (if you are)

I'm not using it.

> Let us know what happens.  If it's still broken, please add a bug:

That might be what I'll have to do. Again, I think this is a big project
issue, so it will be hard to make a small test case. I don't mind sending
my project to the developer working on the bug, but I'd rather not send it
for wide use.

The error I get from ajc is "trouble in:" with a printed request to look
at the bugs page, so I assume this is info you guy want to know. I'm using
cygwin on Windows XP for my project. Attached is the output from make. The
ajc command also produces a NullPointerException.

I think in the meantime I'll try ajc 1.0.6.


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