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[aspectj-dev] changes for 1.1.1rc1

I've been listing changes in docs/dist/doc/changes.html as I went along, but
we've ended up with too many bugs fixed to list (66!) so we should just
provide a link to a bugzilla query as Adrian suggests.

Here is a description of what happened in the tools.  Please expand if I
missed anything.

The IDE tools and plugins have been revised and updated to improve support
for the AspectJ 1.1 language and compiler.  You will notice that the
structure views now present more descriptive AspectJ elements and a more
complete crosscutting links.  The core APIs have been revised, have a much
smaller memory footprint, and behave better with incremental compilation.
Note that incremental update of crosscutting structure views will not be
available until the next release.  42 bugs (all P2s) have been fixed in the
IDE framework, compiler, and weaver.  

24 bugs have been fixed in AJDT.  In/out JAR and project options integration
has been improved significantly, and there are finally no more manual
configuration steps for new installs.  OSX is now supported.  Numerous bugs
have been fixed in the JBuilder OpenTool and NetBeans Module.  The latest
JBuilder 9 and NetBeans 3.5 are now supported.

Many thanks go out to the following developer's contributions to this
release: Matthew Webster and Andy Clement for weaver patches, George Harley
for a compiler classpath usage patch, and Vaughn Spurlin for a NetBeans 3.5
patch.  [anyone else??]