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[aspectj-dev] aspectj and ajdt updates

Hi all,

The following is a summary of the changes that I made before starting
vacation last Saturday (Aug 16th, I'll be away until Sept 2nd).  

AspectJ Bugs Fixed
41385: add import declarations to asm's containment hierarchy (P3)
40825: asm has unnecessary RelationNode indirection (P3)
41512: implement string-handle based asm API (P3)
41388: new asm API needs to provide source line annotation mapping (P3)

AJDT Bugs Fixed
41390: port AJDT to new ASM APIs (P3)
41566: Compiler Errors after removing AspectJ nature from a project 

AspectJ Other Updates
* The ASM API revision is complete.  I'll document it at the beginning of
September.  Declare error/warnings are in the model, as well as inter-type

* ASM Relationships are updated with a conservative policy that invalidates
everything on each compile.  It will be easy to update this to an
incremental policy, but I ran out of time to put together a test environment
for that.

* Fixed numerous AJBrowser, NetBeans, and JBuilder bugs.

AJDT Other Updates
* Fixed truncation of inline annotation labels (there was a weird substring
call in AdviceActionDelegate).

* Got visualizer working with new ASM APIs.

* Fixed modifier overlays in outline view showing static too often and not
showing other modifiers's overlays.

* Added imports declarations to structure model and document outline.  We
still need to give them the proper JDT icon by overriding the handling of
IProgramElement.Kind.IMPORT_REFERENCE in AbstractIconRegistry.

* Added document outline link label formatting to the API--use