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[aspectj-dev] Re: Thread and Process Ids in Aspects

Thanks Ramnivas,

However I am not fully convinced about the message it gives me. It
always gives me - "Thread[main, 5, main]", for all applications. The api
of the Thread class defines this method as the thread's reference, so am I
wrong to say this is not necessarily its id - I am really interested
in whether its thread one or thread two or... that is responsible for
the pointcut, is that possible? And can this be extended to the calling


On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Olufunmilayo Oluyemi Adepoju wrote:

>I am currently using aspects to log and trace my programs, I would like,
>in addition to the standard information given by the joinpoints, to
>record the thread and/or process ids responsible for the joinpoints in
>my program. Is this possible in AspectJ?