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Re: [aspectj-dev] Online samples


This will be really beneficial to increase the adoptation
of AspectJ. I am gearing myself to contribute the samples.


--- Wes Isberg <wes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Let's make it easier for AspectJ users to find small AspectJ code
> samples by publishing HTML page(s) with linkable code and discussion.
> The code would include idioms and workaround, as well as
> task-oriented docs, e.g., "how do I set up Apache's JSP compiler
> to weave in my aspects?"  Some of what's in the FAQ now would move
> out to these sample pages, but the goal is that committers would
> migrate good code on the mailing list to the samples pages. (In
> theory, a "how to" question would never have to be asked twice.)
> These pages could be updated at any time, and incorporated into
> the Programmers Guide when that is revised, if appropriate.
> So we'll have...
> - code samples: online html snippets and tasks, links to all of...
> - examples:     programs in the distribution
> - idioms:       the programming guide section
> - exercises:    tutorial code
> Absent objection, I'll put up an initial version, linked off
> the docs page.  The goal is not to have a page maintainer, but
> for any committer to add code as appropriate (by contrast, the
> Programming Guide operates per our usual strong-lead model).
> Wes
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