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Re: [aspectj-dev] Online samples

Hi Wez,

Would this site benefit from being a Wiki to make it as easy as possible for contributors to add their samples etc? This would also make the source searchable. This would not detract from a more frozen programming guide but would benefit from it being as easy and as open as possible for people to add their own works to the site for consideration as part of the more formal programming guide.


Russ Miles

On Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 00:48AM, Wes Isberg <wes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Let's make it easier for AspectJ users to find small AspectJ code
>samples by publishing HTML page(s) with linkable code and discussion.
>The code would include idioms and workaround, as well as
>task-oriented docs, e.g., "how do I set up Apache's JSP compiler
>to weave in my aspects?"  Some of what's in the FAQ now would move
>out to these sample pages, but the goal is that committers would
>migrate good code on the mailing list to the samples pages. (In
>theory, a "how to" question would never have to be asked twice.)
>These pages could be updated at any time, and incorporated into
>the Programmers Guide when that is revised, if appropriate.
>So we'll have...
>- code samples: online html snippets and tasks, links to all of...
>- examples:     programs in the distribution
>- idioms:       the programming guide section
>- exercises:    tutorial code
>Absent objection, I'll put up an initial version, linked off
>the docs page.  The goal is not to have a page maintainer, but
>for any committer to add code as appropriate (by contrast, the
>Programming Guide operates per our usual strong-lead model).
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