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[aspectj-dev] 1.1.0 build


I think I am done. The new, tested build is up on dev.eclipse.org in the CVS folder org.aspectj/releases/aspectj-1.1.0 together with the test results and logs as generated by Wes' groovy new release script. I also did a quick manual test run-through on IBM 131 JVM and that was fine apart from the two known (and bearable) JUnit fails that are somehow related to a change in the order in which the tests get run by JUnit. The results for that are also up there for posterity. Check out the package-and test-notes.txt for an account of what was done to complete the build. The modules tree and the releases/aspectj-1.1.0 folder have been tagged as V1_0_0.

The aspectj-1.1.0.jar is also available from http://download.eclipse.org/technology/ajdt/aspectj-1.1.0.jar. I've tried out a download from there onto a Linux box. The subsequent install worked nicely.

The docs on the public web site have been updated. It all looks OK to my eyes - but please somebody holler if I've messed up a link or two. Apart from copying in the latest docs from the install image, the only other change was the link to README-11.html which has recently moved to the doc directory.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I've forgotten and thanks for letting me play a part in all this.

Best regards,
George C. Harley