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RE: [aspectj-dev] AJDE 1.1 status

Hi guys!

I've been sitting arround reading the mailing list for some time now because
I like AspectJ and intend to use it massevily :-)

About this exception: I already got something like this with a project I'm
working on. This has to do with the Ant compilation.

AFAIK Ant only compiles java that are newer than their corresponding class
files. If you change a java file that another class file calls it will only
compile that java file and, alhtough the signatures are compatible (fact that
the compiler checks using the sources), the signatures in the class files
are not.

Have you tried cleaning up all the class files that are laying arround and
recompiling. It seems stupid, but it worked for me: after some houres cracking
down my head . . .

PS: If you look at the Java Docs for this error it is "Thrown when the 
'verifier' detects that a class file, though well formed, contains some 
sort of internal inconsistency or security problem." I suppose the security
problem is out of the question, so it leaves out the internal inconsistency.

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>  > main class execution fails due to verify error
> This sounds serious.  Can you reproduce/elaborate?

With pleasure--the stack trace follows. I'm sure that one of you guys has
ran across this when moving between JDK1.3 and 1.4.  What is the likely

java.lang.VerifyError: (class: spacewar/Display1, method: noticeSizeChange
signature: ()V) Incompatible object argument for function call


	at spacewar.Game.main(Game.java:43)


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