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RE: [aspectj-dev] Need to vote on delaying the 1.1.0 release to incorporate AJDT bu g fixes

Yes, we can do this... (he says knowing that he'll be out of the office

George : the website is stored in the aspectj-home project (sister to
org.aspectj in cvs). I used command-line cvs to extract the site, and make
and test my changes locally last time I touched anything, but I see no
reason you couldn't check it out as a (non-java) eclipse project if you
prefer. Thanks once again for all your efforts :-).

We also need to refresh the same docs in the help that we provide with

-- Adrian.

06 June 2003 01:50
To: aspectj-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
From: Jim.Hugunin@xxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [aspectj-dev] Need to vote on delaying the 1.1.0 release to i
ncorporate AJDT bu g fixes

Jim Hugunin wrote (replying to my own message):
> The decision is to release 1.1.0 tomorrow.  I assume that George will
> upload the last tested build to download.eclipse.org tomorrow and let us
> all know.
> I'll then do the last three tasks:
> 1. edit the download page
> 2. edit the front page to add this release to news
> 3. send the release announcement.

I've been reminded that there's an additional task of uploading the latest
version of the documentation including the latest README-11.html to the web
site.  I've never done that and would like to have someone else sign up for
it.  Can I get part of the English crew to tackle that tomorrow morning?

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