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[aspectj-dev] Need to vote on delaying the 1.1.0 release to incorporate AJDT bu g fixes

Wes Isberg wrote:
> So I'd vote +1, and 30 lashes for Mik for his delay*. I'm willing to
> provide a day or so of help to Mik, and to release tomorrow.

I guess a vote has been called for.  I vote -1.  We should put the release out as soon as the last bit of manual testing is done.

Given the timeliness of this issue, all committers need to vote on this ASAP.

At this stage of the release we're not going to throw together any quick fixes.  If we delay the release, then we need to delay it for at least two weeks.  Depending on the size of the changes made we will probably need to produce a 1.1rc3 release as well.

Mik has already sent mail saying that he and the AJDT team agree that we shouldn't delay the release for these changes.  Apparently, despite this agreement, we all need to vote on whether or not to delay the release.  Some of us do have better things to do with our time.