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RE: [aspectj-dev] AJDE 1.1 status

Mik Kersten wrote:
> I want us to figure out if it is worth delaying the 1.1 release by 2 weeks
> in order to give me time to fix the remaining high priority issues listed
> below.  Help from others could shorten that time.  If we don't delay I,
> *sigh*, think that we should postpone the Eclipse, JBuilder, and NetBeans
> plugin releases until 1.1.1 comes out.  

It's too late in the game to delay the release two weeks for a large set of missing features/bugs that could have been detected months ago.  We should release AspectJ-1.1.0 either today or tomorrow (preferably today).  I'm happy to release any build that both George and Wes can agree has been properly built and tested.  Personally, I think the build that George produced and tested manually would be quite reasonable.

The current plugin support will be very useful to people even with the issues you list and it would be nice to see a release to go along with 1.1.0.  However, that decision rests in the hands of the different plugin development groups.


PS - If any committers disagree with this decision on the release, you are entitled to call for a vote on postponing the release in order to include Mik's changes.