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[aspectj-dev] (no subject)


I have cut a new (final ?) 1.1rc2 build and put the output aspectj-1.1rc2.jar in
org.aspectj/releases/aspectj-1.1rc2 on CVS. The test results files have
also been updated with the outcome of the unit tests and Harness tests on
both 131 and 141 JDKs. An IBM 131 JDK and a Sun 141 JDK were used for the
tests. The build was carried out on a 1.3.1 JDK and the CVS extract was done at
about 2:00pm BST today.

The built aspectj-1.1rc2.jar is also available for download at :-


All unit tests and harness tests passed across Sun 1.4.1, Sun 1.3.1 and
IBM 1.3.1 JVMs. An install and the post-install tests also went smoothly
on Windows ; I haven't had time to verify the same on Linux yet (will do
so tomorrow). 

Apologies about the temporary email id - the hard disk crashed on my laptop
earlier today and I am currently unable to use my IBM mail account. 

Best regards,