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Re: [aspectj-dev] announcement for 1.1rc1 on aspectj home page?

I think it probably is worth adding the retrospective news... if only to
make clear that the project is still alive and well post transfer. But
then... how quickly do we think we can make it to 1.1f?

-- Adrian.

04 April 2003 18:11
To: aspectj-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
From: hilsdale@xxxxxxxx
Subject: [aspectj-dev] announcement for 1.1rc1 on aspectj home page?

Hi all,

I just edited the eclipse project home page to add info about a tutorial at
PLDI, and I noticed that the RC1 item under "News" is commented out (well,
it is also very optimistically dated 13 Dec 2002, so it was probably us
parc guys who commented it out *smile*).  Any feeling as to whether we want
a backdated "News" item of 14 March 2003 for the release of RC1, or should
we just leave the "News" part of the front page alone until final?

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