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Re: [aspectj-dev] Cygwin support for building ajc?

It looks like you're building from the command line successfully,
and that you should check out the modules subdirectories to view
(if not build) from Eclipse.


Details follow.

Macneil Shonle wrote:
> I grabbed all of the org.aspectj modules from the CVS repository (via eclipse)
> and I've been having troubles building AspectJ under cygwin (on Windows2k). I
> went into "modules/build" and performed a
>   > ../lib/ant/bin/ant -f build.xml
> after 9 minutes, it ended with "BUILD SUCCESSFUL" (seemed a little short to me,
> I am on an old machine). 

That is a successful build of the entire project.  It produces
something like ../aj-build/dist/aspectj-DEVELOPMENT.jar,
which should be similar to the download aspectj-1.1b4.jar.
The build.xml script should explain this.

> I then tried
> > cd org.aspectj/modules/aj-build/dist/docs/doc/examples
> > /cygdrive/c/eclipse/workspace/org.aspectj/modules/lib/ant/bin/ant -f build.xml
> but that resulted with:

That build script (like any in a "dist" directory) is only intended
to be built when included in the AspectJ distribution.  If you installed
what you built with the first Ant command, you'd find it at


When you run it from that installed directory, it builds the
examples.  For more information, read the targets and documentation
in the build.xml itself.

> My goal is to run the test suite,
> but the documentation appears sparse and contradictory on how to do this.

The test harness and suite is documented in 


These may also refer to other documentation.  (I think both the FAQ
entry and the readme in the build module refer to these readmes.)

If you have specific questions after reading/following those 
instructions, please email the list.  You may have found an
(internal) doc bug!

> P.S. It's impossible to set up the "Java Build Path" for the org.aspectj Project
> because eclipse is convinced it's not a Java project (it was created with the
> checkout under eclipse). This is very annoying, because I'd like to use the
> Java Browser to review the AspectJ sources.

We check out each subdirectory of the modules directory as a Java project.  
So, e.g, the directory


should be checked out as a project (org.aspectj.ajdt.core).  
It already has a .project file with all the dependencies.  
(This should also be mentioned in the FAQ entry.)
That means you actually check out each (relevant) modules/ subdirectory
as a Java project in a separate step.