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RE: [aspectj-dev] release schedule

Are we still on this rc1 schedule?  I'm desperately trying to find hacking
time, but might be able to make this work.


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> Subject: [aspectj-dev] release schedule
> There are two releases planned for the near future.
> 1.1beta3 -- Jan. 14 (tomorrow)
> This release should have virtually all known bugs fixed and include a
> minimal amount of testing for incremental compilation.  It will also
> change 'declare dominates' to 'declare precedence'.  If you have any
> patches or cvs commits for this release, please get them in ASAP and let
> me know if there's something you think I should wait on for the release.
> 1.1candidate1 -- Jan. 28
> The only work between beta3 and candidate1 will be in increased testing
> and fixing any bugs that are found by you.
> -Jim
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