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Re: [aspectj-dev] 1.1beta4 released


From the preliminary testing involving simple programs
and ant scripts, this release 1.1beta4 seems to be working fine.



--- Jim.Hugunin@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> The 1.1beta3 release had a significant bug in the build process where
> it was missing a manifest file in aspectjrt.jar.  I believe this was
> caused by a file that wasn't committed to cvs on eclipse.org during
> the move in December.  I've added that file and believe the issue is
> resolved, but I hope to hear from Wes who designed the build process
> to confirm that my diagnosis and remedy was correct.
> Anyway, to repeat myself from yesterday:
> I've completed the build of 1.1beta4 and put it up at
> eclipse.org/aspectj on the download page.  I plan to announce this to
> aspectj-users tomorrow after a few people have had a chance to verify
> that the release is working for them.  This release is of the
> compiler, ant tasks, ajbrowser and documentation only.  The 4 IDE
> integration projects will hopefully follow soon with their own
> releases.
> All reported bugs have been fixed in this release.  Very easy to
> reproduce bugs were submitted by Ron Bodkin, Nick Lesiecki, Ramnivas
> Laddad, Robert Fenk, Per Hustad, Adrian Colyer, Robert Wenner, and
> Doug Orleans.  
> There are four remaining failures in the test suite that need to be
> fixed before 1.1candidate1.
>  1. aspect static initializers should run before instance constructed
>  2. incompatible advice throws clause are a compile-time error
>  3. can't apply around advice to the execution of around advice
>  4. illegal name binding in around cflow
> I hope to spend my limited development time working on identifying
> and fixing new issues with incremental compilation and aspects in
> bytecode libraries before the candidate release.
> Thanks and stay in touch,
> The AspectJ Team
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