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[aspectj-dev] 1.1beta4 released

The 1.1beta3 release had a significant bug in the build process where it was missing a manifest file in aspectjrt.jar.  I believe this was caused by a file that wasn't committed to cvs on eclipse.org during the move in December.  I've added that file and believe the issue is resolved, but I hope to hear from Wes who designed the build process to confirm that my diagnosis and remedy was correct.

Anyway, to repeat myself from yesterday:

I've completed the build of 1.1beta4 and put it up at eclipse.org/aspectj on the download page.  I plan to announce this to aspectj-users tomorrow after a few people have had a chance to verify that the release is working for them.  This release is of the compiler, ant tasks, ajbrowser and documentation only.  The 4 IDE integration projects will hopefully follow soon with their own releases.


All reported bugs have been fixed in this release.  Very easy to reproduce bugs were submitted by Ron Bodkin, Nick Lesiecki, Ramnivas Laddad, Robert Fenk, Per Hustad, Adrian Colyer, Robert Wenner, and Doug Orleans.  

There are four remaining failures in the test suite that need to be fixed before 1.1candidate1.
 1. aspect static initializers should run before instance constructed
 2. incompatible advice throws clause are a compile-time error
 3. can't apply around advice to the execution of around advice
 4. illegal name binding in around cflow

I hope to spend my limited development time working on identifying and fixing new issues with incremental compilation and aspects in bytecode libraries before the candidate release.

Thanks and stay in touch,
The AspectJ Team