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[aperi-news] Opportunity to co-locate Aperi project meeting with Eclipse Members meeting - Sept. 20 in Chicago

Hello all,
Eclipse is asking if the Aperi team is interested in co-locating an Aperi project meeting with the next Eclipse Members meeting?  The meeting is September 20 in Chicago, and there will be a new members meeting and marketing symposium on the 19th.  Eclipse is offering Aperi a breakout room (can hold approx. 15-20 people) for either day, and we'd have the opportunity to join the rest of the group for buffet breakfast and lunch.  Eclipse would cover these meal costs and the room cost, so it appears that all they're asking for is whether we want to participate.

I don't believe we have any face-to-face meetings scheduled, so this might not be very interesting. However, if enough Aperi participants feels like traveling to Chicago for this, please let me know by July 31, so I can get back to Eclipse.