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Re: [aperi-news] Looking for Volunteers for Aperi at LinuxWorld (Aug. 6-9)

I can cover one or more sessions on Tuesday if you have space.  

Also, can we assume that we will have badges with access to the pavilion for any day we are manning the booth?

Cheers,   Tom
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Allen Marin/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
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[aperi-news] Looking for Volunteers for Aperi at LinuxWorld (Aug.        6-9)

Aperi participants,

We have a great opportunity to participate in the upcoming
LinuxWorld (Aug. 7- Aug. 9) in San Francisco (the preceeding link will take to the conference Website for additional information). Eclipse has a 10'x10' booth in the .Org Pavilion, and they have offered the Aperi project to staff six time slots over the three-day event. I believe the booth will consist of primarily a draped table, so we likely won't have the opportunity to demo code. However, we can print up a new batch of trifolds and take the opportunity to talk to attendees about the project. If you are in the Bay Area or will be at LinuxWorld, we could use your help to staff one of these time slots. Please take a look at the available time slots and send a note through the mailing list as soon as you can, so we can make arrangements with Eclipse.  Thanks!

Aperi at LinuxWorld


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