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[aperi-news] Aperi Community call Thursday, 5/24

The next Aperi community meeting will be held this Thursday, 2007.5.24 at 5-6pm ET/2-3pm PT

Call in Info:
Toll Free: 877-421-0040
International: 770-615-1256
Passcode: 800415

If you are unable to participate in this community call and have comments or suggestions on these proposed activities, please communicate those through the mailing list, wiki, or newsgroup.

    * Discuss and plan next steps for June Aperi Webcast
          - Webcast proposal and timeline
          - Decisions to be made on format, content, and resources
    * Discuss and make decision on LinuxWorld (Aug 6-9th) Opportunities via Eclipse and SNIA
        - Request initial feedback on proposed options by 5/31
    * Update and discussion on SNIA Alliance activities