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[aperi-dev] Re: Eclipse - SAN Simulator

Hello Sundar,

Pls. find attached, a video file that walks through the installation steps.

(See attached file: Troy.wmv)

Also, pls. follow the instructions at http://www.eclipse.org/aperi/documentation/r4/install_simulator.php
Let me know, if you have any problems.

Ramani R. Routray
IBM Almaden Research Center
Tel: (408)-927-3559, Email : routrayr@xxxxxxxxxx

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Meenakshi Sundar <sundarse@xxxxxxxxx>


Ramani R Routray/Almaden/IBM@IBMUS


01/02/2009 04:39 AM


Eclipse - SAN Simulator

Dear Sir,

Am trying to configure the san simulator in my windows XP machine. I downloaded all the necessary softwares and when starting the installation am getting the following error attached with this mail.

Can you please send me the video file or step by step procedure to install the san simulator.

Thanks in Advance.

with regards,
[attachment "san_simulator_error.zip" deleted by Ramani R Routray/Almaden/IBM]

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