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[aperi-dev] Aperi m5 documentation plan - now available for approval

Hi everyone,

The Aperi Storage Manager's documentation plan for milestone 5 (m5) is available on the Aperi wiki at the following location: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Aperi_Documentation_Plan

This version of the plan has been reviewed by the Aperi community. Review comments have been tracked and logged in a PDF that you can download from the wiki page.

The review persiod has ended so it is time to vote for the plan's approval. Voting will commence immediately and run through Monday
evening, 10/6.  If there are issues, we can discuss them on the mailing list or at the Aperi development meeting on 10/6.  As a reminder the voting
process is as follows:

Aperi committers are to reply to the aperi-dev mailing list and include their vote: either +1 (yes), -1 (no, or veto), or 0 (abstain).  The process will be approved if there are at least 3 positive votes and no negative (veto) votes.  Vetoes must include an explanation for the veto.

Thanks for your participation.

Chris King
Information Development - Aperi
Aperi documentation: http://www.eclipse.org/aperi/documentation/