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[aperi-dev] REMINDER -- Aperi Production Ready Task Force WG Meeting TODAY at 1pm (PT)

1PM Pacific

1-877-421-0030  / 1-770-615-1247,  Passcode: 813417

We'll be meeting today to discuss line items to add into next years roadmap for Aperi.  I've got a few items to pitch, and I'm eager to hear your ideas as well.

The items I'd like to discuss are:

Aperi Lite -- framework for componentised SMI-S element manager.

SMI Lab/SNIA Tooling -- Indications logger, etc.  Perhaps built using Aperi Lite, or stand alone.

Hope to see you there!

Martine Wedlake, Ph.D.
SMI-S/CIM Storage and Aperi Architect
T/L 775-3072 or (503) 578-3072