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Re: [aperi-dev] Re: Aperi Project status

Hi Folks,
I'd like to add that the Aperi team would like to participate in the Planet
Eclipse and other Eclipse venues and we have in the recent past.  However,
in these uncertain economic times, it is very difficult to get travel
approved so we must prioritize every dollar we have.

Since Aperi is focused on Open Storage Systems management, the Aperi team
strongly feels that we must have a presence at SNW to be successful in
building a stronger developer, user and adopter community.

In the July Aperi Community meeting, we had discussed not even having a
presence at Fall SNW due to budget issues, however, some creative bean
counter was able to provide us with a minimal budget to, at least, get us
into a Tech Preview booth and a speaking slot.  We are grateful for this
opportunity given the tightening of the belts everywhere else these days.

I hope this helps explain our rational better.


Allen R. Heitman
Tivoli Storage Project Manager and Aperi Project Lead
IBM Corporation
3605 Hwy 52 North
Rochester, Minnesota 55901

Office Phone: 507-253-2405
Tie Line: 553-2405
Home Office: 507-367-4351
Mobile Phone: 507-269-0455
e-mail: aheitman@xxxxxxxxxx

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  My comment here relates only to participation with Planet Eclipse.  Aperi
does work with other Eclipse based projects as well as the Eclipse
community in general.  We cannot participate in every event but we
do work within the community.  We have been involved with several Eclipse
conferences, where we have held poster sessions to share our work with the


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I found your email answer to Wayne interesting. Specifically I'm curious
what you believe Aperi is providing to the greater Eclipse community? You
stated that:

We have participated in some of the Eclipse venues but have not found a
good size interest group in the storage management area so we do not plan
to regularly participate in Planet Eclipse. Contact me if you think there
is a significant interest in this area as we are always interested in
expanding our community.

Since I see Eclipse as more than just a place for projects to have a CVS
and Bugzilla, it's my personal opinion that Eclipse projects are
obligated/should be involved in the Eclipse venues and efforts. For
example, all Eclipse projects should be moving towards joining the annual
release train; and they should be working to educate the rest of the
Eclipse community about their area of expertise; and they should be working
to integrate with the rest of the projects (for example, BIRT and DTP and
TPTP have been great in that way, making use of each other's frameworks in
mutually beneficial ways). After all, if a project is not involved in
something more than just itself, then it's not really "part of" Eclipse and
perhaps should be hosted at Google Code or Sourceforge or some other
location, n'est pas?

Good you elaborate a bit on the connections between Aperi and "the greater
Eclipse community"?

- Bjorn

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