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Re: [aperi-dev] Mac OS

Yeah, I am sorry to say we do not support Mac OS, nor do we have plans for support in the near future since the Mac server market is pretty tiny.
If you have Leopard you can dual boot to a MS Windows OS and install Aperi there. We do support W2K* and XP.


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From: Vivian Lee <Vivian.Li@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <aperi-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 09/03/2008 08:13 AM
Subject: [aperi-dev] Mac OS


I have downloaded Aperi_R0.4.1_incubation.zip, and was trying to install it on my MacBook Air, but always failed on the installer trying to search a target of “configureServer-mac”, which is not exist apparently. I noticed that the current development doesn’t support Mac OS, is that the reason my installation failed? Is there a plan to support Mac OS in the near future?

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