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[aperi-dev] Re: Aperi at Eclipse Summit Europe 2008

Hi Cedric,
We currently do not have plans to submit a talk to the Eclipse Summit
Europe for the Aperi project.  I'll forward your request to the Aperi
community to see if there is any interest.

Allen R. Heitman
Aperi Project Lead
IBM Corporation
3605 Hwy 52 North
Rochester, Minnesota 55901

Office Phone: 507-253-2405
Tie Line: 553-2405
Home Office: 507-367-4351
Mobile Phone: 507-269-0455
e-mail: aheitman@xxxxxxxxxx

             Cédric Brun                                             
             .fr>                                                       To
                                       Allen Heitman/Rochester/IBM@IBMUS
             08/25/2008 11:49                                           cc
                                       Aperi at Eclipse Summit Europe 2008

I'm part of the Eclipse Summit Europe program committee, this event is a
great chance for Eclipse projects to gets visibility to developpers, other
projects or even potential customers. Did you planned to submit a talk for
Aperi ? If so the deadline is the 1st September, it's pretty soon !
What do you think ? Can you tell me if you already knows what talks we can
expect from Aperi ?
Cédric Brun