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[aperi-dev] Aperi Roadmap V8 - Approved

Hi Folks,

The voting has concluded for the roadmap update.  The result was five +1
votes and no vetoes.  The roadmap update version 8 has been approved.  The
roadmap is located here:
http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/b/b4/Aperi_Technical_Roadmap_V8.pdf. and is
also accessible from the Aperi/architecture page on the wiki:

Thank you to all the committers who voted and the other community members
that provided input, comments, and suggestions.


Allen R. Heitman
Aperi Project Manager
IBM Corporation
3605 Hwy 52 North
Rochester, Minnesota 55901

Office Phone: 507-253-2405
Tie Line: 553-2405
Home Office: 507-367-4351
Mobile Phone: 507-269-0455
e-mail: aheitman@xxxxxxxxxx