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Re: [aperi-dev] Aperi Storage Manager installation problem

Hi Jiten,

Looks to me like the spaces in "Documents and Settings" are throwing off the ant installer or C:\Documents and Settings\bjitender\Desktop\aperi\install\scripts\download.xml is corrupted.
Try moving the install to a directory with no spaces in the name for example "C:\Aperi\...".
If you still have problems then take a look at ...\aperi\install\scripts\download.xml and see if it is a proper XML file or not.

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12/26/2007 09:56 PM

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[aperi-dev] Aperi Storage Manager installation problem


I m trying to install Aperi Storage Manager, the installation is failing after the db installation and configuration has taken place. I have enclosed the error it is throwing. Please tell me what has gone wrong. I have followed the instruction given on the site.

thank & regards

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