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[aperi-dev] Aperi Requirements Process vote

The Aperi Requirements Process, http://wiki.eclipse.org/Requirements_Process has been out on the wiki for over a week now.  There have been no significant comments so it is time to take a vote on it.  Voting will commence immediately and run through Tuesday evening, 8/28.  If there are issues, we can discuss them on the mailing list or at the Architecture meeting on 8/29.  As a reminder the voting process is as follows:

Aperi committers are to reply to the aperi-dev mailing list and include their vote: either +1 (yes), -1 (no, or veto), or 0 (abstain).  The process will be approved if there are at least 3 positive votes and no negative (veto) votes.  Vetoes must include an explanation for the veto.

Thank you

Cheers,   Tom
Tom Guinane     Aperi Project Lead     IBM ARC     408-927-2104     guinane@xxxxxxxxxx     http://www.eclipse.org/aperi/