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[aperi-dev] Re: [aperi-news] Query about academic project ideas

Hi Vijay,

With respect to the web page: http://www.eclipse.org/aperi/Community-Building/Aperi_Academic_Project_Ideas.htm

and to answer your questions:
1) [What are all the eligibility criteria for taking up a project?] Any one who has the interest and sufficient resources to participate is welcome to work on these projects.
2) [What is the expected duration of contribution?] Depends on the scope, complexity, and pervasiveness of the contribution. As with any open source project we welcome on going support.
3) [How Aperi Project will provide a certificate for the contribution?]  Like other Eclipse projects, Aperi does not have a certification program. We are friendly with SNIA which does offer certifications for storage administration. Seehttp://www.snia.org/education/certification/ for more info. Is this the sort of certification you meant?
4) [Is the listed projects all are started or yet to start?] Only the Storage Network Environment Simulator has any tangible work started. We are planning on offering a donation from IBM Research for a basic CIM device simulator under the Aperi project banner. This is 'just' a basic device simulator. Stitching it into a full blown SAN environment simulation and hooking that up with an automated testing environment is still work to be done.
5) [Is any new suggestion welcomed?] Absolutely! Bring them on.

I hope that answers your questions. Please feel free to contact us for any further information or to get started on any projects with us...

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UI Technical Lead, Aperi Open Source Storage Management http://www.eclipse.org/aperi

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[aperi-news] Query about academic project ideas

Hi All,
I would like to get some details about Academic Project ideas. I am posting this mail for my cousin who is studying Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. The details I would like to know are:
1.        What are all the eligibility criteria for taking up a project?
2.        What is the expected duration of contribution?
3.        How Aperi Project will provide a certificate for the contribution. Kindly note that certificate might be primary for some colleges.
4.        Is the listed projects all are started or yet to start?
5.        Is any new suggestion welcomed?
Please let me the answers as soon as possible.
Vijay S.


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