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[aperi-dev] One more link is Not working when its out of IBM firewall


I tried to install Aperi according to the instruction.

But i found out one more link is not working when it is out of IBM Firewall.

When i tried to open the Link inside IBM, its downloading,
but when i tried to download the link from my home, i found out that link is not working. According to instruction it should download, but its opening in a new web browser as a junk data inside the browser.
Download org.mortbay.jaas 5.1.10.
1. Go to http://repo1.maven.org/maven2/jetty/org.mortbay.jaas/5.1.10/org.mortbay.jaas-5.1.10.jar.
2. Save the download (org.mortbay.jaas-5.1.10.jar) to disk.
3. Rename the jar from org.mortbay.jaas-5.1.10.jar to org.mortbay.jaas.jar.
4. Copy org.mortbay.jaas.jar to [aperi_install_dir]\plugins\org.eclipse.aperi.reporting.jaas_1.0.0.

And i found out org.mortbay.jaas 5.1.10 from google that the below link is working Inside IBM as well as from my home.

Thank You.

Dhiwakar Mani