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[aperi-dev] new plugin org.eclipse.smis


for Aperi Release 0.2 we planned a plugin that bundles the base SMI-S support within Aperi.

To prepare SMI-S support for additional device types like switches I want to create the org.eclipse.aperi.smis plugin and created a related Bugzilla 195226:

There is no additional code for this plugin, just some classes will move into the plugin and some minor refactoring in some classes to separate SMIS dependencies from common code or common SMIS support from Disk specific functions.

Which files do I have to change for the build?
I modified in the Aperi project

and in the project org.eclipse.aperi.build

Is there something else I have to change?
If not I will check in the basic changes for the new plugin tomorrow.

Please reply with any comments or issues you have.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, best regards

Christoph Reichert

Storage Software Development, Eclipse Aperi Project
IBM Deutschland, Mainz, Germany
Phone: +49-6131/84-5962, Fax: -6099

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