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[aperi-dev] Aperi Design and Architecture meeting notes 6/27

Attendees: Hans, Rodica, Viorel, Christoph, John

1) Interesting news and events relevant to Aperi technical development
        Discussed SMI-S simulators w/Aperi (see Christoph's email on aperi-dev).

2) The current release (V0.4)
        Rodica: RCP GUI: Eclipse Browser Widget tested with Europa MS6, ready to go when the Europa integration is done.
        Hans: 3rd party downloads links can break the install mitigated in first milestone w/new installer?).
        Hans -> Christoph: How do we configure probe settings without a CLI?
                Need CLI commands for configuring SMI-S profiles. Test scaffolding available as java from Rodica.
                Need to consider user access to same capability.

3) Beyond releases: Aperi SRM trends and futures.
        Dave and John: Attending the upcoming SNIA conference: http://www.dmtf.org/events/alliancepartners/
Dave Wolfe/Portland/IBM (dwolfe@xxxxxxxxxx) TL: 775-3376 Office: 503-578-3376 Personal: 503-329-3960

UI Technical Lead, Aperi Open Source Storage Management http://www.eclipse.org/aperi

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