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Re: [aperi-dev] New contribution request: SAN Simulator

Hello Tom,

I might have been talking about another simulator.

I have tried IBM SMI-S-Based Storage Device Simulator from http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/smis_simulator/, which is based on Open Pegasus.
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05/06/2007 12:27 AM

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[aperi-dev] New contribution request: SAN Simulator

We have a request for another code contribution.  The IBM Research folks have been working on a storage area network (SAN) simulator tool, which can be used for testing storage resource management solutions, and they would like to contribute it to the Aperi Storage Management project.  

This 'SAN Simulator' simulates a storage area network environment through software. The simulator will allow the user to create a SAN configuration, add devices to the SAN, create arbitrary connections between devices and remove connections between devices. Since most devices today expose their services through a CIMOM, the simulator will create CIM instances based on user specifications. The simulator will generate various profiles defined by the SNIA.  The SAN Simulator would add support in the test area of our Aperi Storage Management Project and would allow us to test against various vendors devices (that have their model changes incorporated into the simulator).  

The simulator uses a CIM/SMI-S standard model.  There is a database with a very simple schema to store the management information of a device. There are two approaches in which CIM based information of a device is persisted into the database: 1) generated by the SAN Simulator based on user specification or 2) copied into the database via the snapshot mechanism of SAN Simulator.  Once the data is available in the database, it is manipulated in the database based on CIM requests. These providers are pluggable into any popular open source CIMOM.  

The SAN Simulator and the providers are written in Java.  The CIMOM used is the Sun Java WBEM CIMOM.  Either DB2 or Derby can be used as the database.  A tool is also included to assist the user install and drive through the steps.  It is approximately 10K lines of code.

Does anyone in the community have an objection to this contribution?  I will bring it up for discussion/ review at our regular Aperi status call on Monday.  If there are no issues with this contribution by end of business on Wednesday, May 9th, the Eclipse process for contributing code will be started.  

Cheers,   Tom
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