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Re: [aperi-dev] I Want You - To Write an Aperi Report with BIRT!

Sign me up! I'll make a report -- I'm interested in something in the asset reporting area.

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Dave Wolfe/Portland/IBM@IBMUS
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01/19/2007 06:30 AM

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[aperi-dev] I Want You  -  To Write an Aperi Report with BIRT!

Yes, this is your chance to be immortalized in XML!

Get in on the ground floor of a unique development opportunity!

Be the first in your cubicle block to embrace the future!

Learn a new trade that's even better than pinball machine repair!

Impress your friends and amaze your enemies!

That's right, we are talking about BIRT and Aperi!

As you might have heard, one of the key features in the V0.3 release of Aperi is the ad hoc reporting capability.

This capability has two key components:

1) The simplified schema

2) The integrated report designer and viewer

This capability remains just an unrealized potential unless we can demonstrate an interesting and useful set of reports.

So, I am looking for volunteers who are willing to commit to developing one - just one is all I ask - example report in BIRT for the V0.3 release.

I have multiple motives here:

1) I want to ship as many reports with the initial release as possible to give it momentum.

2) I want to ensure that we (the Aperi folk) all develop expertise in writing BIRT reports so we can advise and educate others.

3) I want to get as many people using this stuff prior to release to work out the kinks and drive refinement.

4) I really want into tap the expertise that we have available within our team (or anywhere I can get it for that matter) to develop some stuff that's really unique and useful.

You can either write an original report or rewrite an existing Aperi report into BIRT.

Below is a list of suggestions, but obviously I encourage you to suggest your own ideas.

You guys are the experts. What reports would be useful to you? The sky (well, the schema) is the limit!
Disk Capacity: By Disk
Port Connections
Assets                SAN Assets (ALL)
Assets                SAN Assets (Connected Devices)
Assets                SAN Assets (Switches)
Computer Uptime
Storage Subsystems
Filesystem Capacity: By Filesystem
Filesystem Used Space: By Filesystem
Filesystem Free Space: By Filesystem
LUN to HBA Mapping
Groups, some kind thereof  --  what kind?

Just let me know!

Dave Wolfe/Portland/
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