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Re: [aperi-dev] Re: Online help and the new GUI

Let me see if I'm understanding this right:

1 - We shouldn't write generic BIRT documentation as part of Aperi, as it's already covered elsewhere. This would apply to, say, generic aspects of interacting with the report designer.
2 - We should write documentation about how specifically to use BIRT with Aperi (perhaps, how to configure the data source for the Aperi repository, how to switch to the various perspectives, etc.).
3 - Any reports delivered as part of Aperi should have help equivalent at least to the existing online help we have for our current reports.
4 - The data model itself needs documentation like a programmer's manual, so that report designers can figure out what queries to write for their reports.

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01/18/2007 08:16 AM

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[aperi-dev] Re: Online help and the new GUI

I am moving this very interesting discussion to aperi-dev. I doubt the color coded commentary will come through that remailer.

My comments:

Yes, I agree with Bill. Report 'designers' are much fewer and further between than report 'readers'. The big question here is how much of the schema to document for the benefit of report designers. The books that Bill indicates are the BIRT bibles, but they are commercial properties. I don't think you will find references to them on the Eclipse web page, so its probably a foul to reference them in the open source product documentation (true or false?). The online help that comes with the report designer should be the help for that perspective.

All that is a slightly different question than whether we should document the columns for any given report. Certainly for any given report the help for that report should indicate which columns are present and which can be filtered. For the reports we provide there should be some documentation. Obviously, for user developed ad hoc reports its up to report developer. How does an ad hoc report developer add help for their report?

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Re: Online help and the new GUILink


As a point of discussion, I think the users in the two reporting perspectives are going to "wearing very different hats," and have very different feelings about their help needs  --